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kobarogu's Journal

The [translated] diary of Kobayashi Sharaku
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My name is Emily [coka_im_fine is my LJ name!] and I am a big fan of FLOPPY, Metronome, and Kobayashi Sharaku himself! Although Metronome's activities are currently paused, it seems that FLOPPY is becoming more active!

I read his blog all the time and thought people who can read little or no Japanese would be interested in what Sharaku says. He's very entertaining, actually! haha :) He talks a lot about the lives they do, the manga he reads, the video games he plays, the food he eats, etc.

I have been studying Japanese for about 3.5 years, so it is NOT perfect! Blogs are a lot harder to translate than lyrics because of all the colloquialisms and everything. So please, please bear with with me. I will note if something feels off/wasn't really clear to me. If anyone has any changes to make or suggestions, please comment! Translations only get more accurate with other views are brought in. I am also a college student, so I will try to get the translations out as soon as they come out, but no guarantees. I'll probably translate it, let it brew for a day, go over it again, and then post it. So one or two days after he posts I think they will be out.

This is also my first time making a community or trying translation work like this, so, yeah, I hope I'm not too bad at it :) haha. This is a friendly topic, so I think things will go smoothly. Just don't be mean to each other, or me! If something goes wrong, there can be a civilized, rational way to clear things up.

I'm really hoping reading his journal can spark some more activity into FLOPPY/Metronome/Sharaku fans, cause things have been pretty dead lately :/ And FLOPPY is really getting more active, and they need all the support we can provide!!

On that note, enjoy the everyday musings of our beloved Sharaku!

P.S. If anyone wants to make a simple layout of profile layout or friends only/community locked banner, I would be so appreciative!

P.P.S. Comments make me happy! If you read, please comment every once in a while :)

Some Links of Interest:

The blog itself! http://blog.livedoor.jp/sharaku_floppy/

His old blog http://blog.goo.ne.jp/sharakoba/

Metronome blog http://www.artpop.org/diary/s-diary/s-diary.php

Old FLOPPY homepage http://www.picopico.org

New FLOPPY homepage http://www.floppy-web.com

Metronome homepage http://www.artpop.org/meto21/indexx.html

Toda-san's blog http://blog.livedoor.jp/hiromu_floppy/